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I love it so so much – I love the flavor too! I find that it helps me with my anxiety and evens me out, and helps me with my cramps too. – LBO customer

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“I have noticed a huge shift in my wellbeing when I use this product. I never really considered myself to be an anxious person nor do I tend to get overwhelmed easily, but with a recent increase in intensity at work I guess I have been more stressed and nervous than I thought and your product has made a world of difference! Over the past few weeks, I have felt better equipped to manage tension and stress that I was holding onto throughout the work day. I notice that I respond to stressful situations in a much calmer, more grounded manner. Not to mention the flavor helps hide my coffee breath! But the 3 sprays I use before walking into work help me start my day with a much more calm approach.” – LBO customer

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