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How I Bloom – the Life Bloom Organics team's daily routines!

We recently kicked off the “How I Bloom” campaign, and we’ve been loving hearing how our customers integrate Life Bloom Organics wellness tools into their daily routines.

But it turns out you were curious about us, too… so today we’re introducing a few members of the LBO team and sharing how they “bloom!”

Andy (Cofounder & Chief Product Specialist)

Q: How do you bloom?

A: I get out in nature and do something active like surfing or skating. My daily long walk with my dog Julius Caesar is definitely essential! I also use Life Bloom Organics' Sleep spray every night – it's a key part of my routine.

I developed our Sleep spray when I was searching for the best solution for my lifelong sleep issues. I couldn't find what I was looking for – a plant-based supplement that actually worked to help me fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and avoid morning grogginess – so I created it and launched Life Bloom Organics.

Carina (Lab Team)

A: By making music, dancing, hiking, painting, writing, doing yoga, and enjoying time in nature & with animals and my friends. I also bloom by learning as much as I can and educating myself in a wide array of topics. Life Bloom's hemp products have replaced a multitude of products in my wellness routine. I have not taken a pharmaceutical of any kind in almost three years. So instead, I use hemp/CBD to help me sleep, ease my nausea and help me have an appetite, to soothe my muscles after working out and soothe my stress due to working multiple jobs and going to school for a double major!

Cody (Graphic Designer)

A: I love to play & listen to music, create art, and skateboard to stay balanced. I use Muscle Recovery after skateboarding to fight the inevitable soreness, and Sleep formula puts me right to sleep so I have no need for prescription products.

Mike (Sales Team – VP, Sales & Business Development)

A: My favorite Life Bloom Organics products round out my daily goal of being an active contributor whether it be in my outdoor active lifestyle, my family (raising my children and being active in my community) or work (building a brand through investment and education). LBO has played a huge part of my daily ritual by putting health into the forefront of my daily activity.  Wellness formula helps start my day with focus and overall circulation, Muscle Recovery assists with any strain that my daily workout puts on my body physically, and Sleep helps my brain put an end to the day and rejuvenate my body through uninterrupted sleep.

Monica (VP, Finance)

A: Some of my favorite activities which allow me to "bloom" include hiking, playing volleyball with my daughter, going to the beach and traveling. My favorite Life Bloom Organics products are the Sleep and Muscle Recovery sprays. I used to have great difficulty sleeping through the night and often times would have trouble falling asleep as it did not seem as if I could turn off my brain. I have tried a variety of both natural and prescription remedies, and since using LBO Sleep spray I find that I am able to sleep more soundly, am less likely to wake up in the middle of the night and as such, and find myself more well-rested in the morning. I also use the LBO Muscle Recovery spray which helps alleviate the symptoms of post-exercise muscle discomfort.

Louis (Sales Team – Account Manager)

A: I bloom by hiking and running… but my legs get very sore, so my favorite Life Bloom Organics products are the Muscle Recovery spray and Muscle Recovery topical balm! It’s a great combination for your whole system.

Rachel (Marketing Team – CMO)

A: I’m a sociology nerd and my To-Do, To-Read, and To-Listen-To lists are endless. Thanks to this, plus our busy workdays, I’m constantly staying up too late… but I take Wellness formula every morning which definitely helps me feel more balanced (and fight those 3pm "I want another coffee" crashes). I’m also a huge proponent of our amazing PMS formula, which I’ve shared with all the women in my life – we’ve basically formed a fan club.

Tina (Lab Team – Certified Product Specialist, Kinesiologist, Natural Ingredients Expert)

A: I create plant-based ingredient products that help people live a healthier, wellness based lifestyle. I bloom by enjoying exercise and a vegetarian lifestyle, paired with Life Bloom Organics’s Wellness and Sleep formulas. LBO has been the first hemp/CBD product line that I genuinely like the taste of… the flavor is awesome! The Wellness spray has been helpful to calm my arthritis. The Sleep spray really helps me get some rest at night – with so many things on my mind it is so helpful to get better rest!

Thanks for sharing, team... more to come! And thanks to team member Maggie for being our LBO model above :)